Faith Based Organization Diabetes Initiative

Making Our 

Communities Healthier

We Have To Do Something Different


Our communities are under siege from diabetes and show no signs of improvement.


African Americans are 1.7x more likely to have diabetes than Whites.


African Americans have greater vision loss, amputations and kidney failure in our communities from diabetes than Whites do.

African Americans are also more likely to suffer strokes as a result of diabetes.

Some of the reasons that contribute to widespread diabetes in our communities are;

  • Lack of health literacy

  • Poor food choices in our neighborhoods

  • Food insecurity

  • Cultural 

  • Economics

  • Doctor bias/discrimination

  • Lack of trust of medical industry

  • Inadequate exercise

  • Transportation challenges

Our solution is to share our evidence-based diabetes curriculum, delivered through smartphones, so that you can administer to your members.

Hico Health is healthcare company that partners with Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) like yours to provide a lifestyle change program to teach church members how to manage their type 2 diabetes and hypertension more effectively.

Founded by a Pharmacist/CDE, our program is safe, secure and effective.

Our on demand video education is based on the American Association of Diabetes Educators 7 Self Care Behaviors; the gold standard in diabetes self management education and advocacy.

How Do Your Members Benefit?

  • They can track glucose and blood pressure to control their data

  • They can share historical data with their care team

  • They are encouraged and motivated to get more active

  • They are given a daily blueprint for healthier behaviors

  • They continue practicing healthier behaviors for life

Your members will be introduced to healthy information, to adopt, practice and normalize in their lives so that they will become healthier, all through their mobile phones.

We will support you and your health ministry in an ongoing fashion with phone support, printable health handouts and new and fresh health videos and information.

Once you sign up, the rest is easy.

Designate a point person who will administer the program for your church.

Pick a start date for your church if it will be a group effort.

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Contact us to set up a demo or to answer any questions.


212.390.8114 - Office


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