• Dacia Bryant, Pharmacist

I'm down ... but not out.

Managing diabetes can be a full-time job from taking blood glucose readings, remembering to take medications on time and making physical activity part of a daily routine.

You spend so much of your day dealing with your diabetes, it begins to take over your life. There may be days when you feel that you did everything right but your blood sugar is still higher than you expected.

Even with the best management of your diabetes it can still feel like a rollercoaster ride.

It's common to experience this roller coaster of emotions, but for every bad emotion you are feeling I would like to challenge you to look at the positive side of that.


“I started to lose weight, but now I’m stuck” “The scale isn’t moving down”.


This is not a failure…this is a normal behavior of the body. Think of it as maintaining and you’re not gaining.


“I started with one oral medication and now I'm on 3 meds, why so many?”


Each new medication is playing a part to help you stabilize. It doesn’t have to mean medications are forever, but they are needed right now.


“I know when my sugar is high; I get tingling in my fingers and toes, my eyes start to get blurry”


Your body is sending you an SOS message. It is telling you that something is wrong so that you can respond.


"I have to make so many appointments, I can’t keep track; the podiatrist, the eye doctor, the nutritionist, the dentist".


Look at all the caring health partners that are here to help you along your journey to better health.

As in the examples above, take some of the negative feelings you may have about your diabetes and think about how these feelings and actions can be turned into positives. The daily tasks you do to take care of your life will make living with diabetes a healthy one.

First and foremost, forgive yourself.

Don’t blame yourself because you feel you have failed. When trying to do too much you’re bound to fail at something. Start with one thing at a time, like taking blood glucose readings regularly, or recording behaviors in our app or adding small amounts of physical activity to your day.

Adopt one change at a time!

Some of the best solutions have come from our members who recommend:

  • Starting a journal to write down what you are feeling day to day to help with coping.

  • Setting an alarm on your phone or placing a note on your refrigerator as a daily reminder to do something you normally forget.

  • Keeping a diary of the foods that seem to increase blood glucose the most so that you know to limit or set portions in the future.

  • Telling someone you trust that you have diabetes. You may need them in case of an emergency.

Life without diabetes is hard enough, and having diabetes can add extra challenges.

Applaud your successes.

Learn from your set-backs.

Remember, you may be DOWN…BUT NOT OUT!


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