Hico X-Ray


This section is designed to provide insight about our health positions that we maintain which flow into our program.

White Flour

As the unhealthiest staple of a typical Black household, we make extra effort to reduce all refined flour intake


DGA allows for 20% of daily calories.  We suggest 100 carbs per day and 50 carbs on some days


We push for both sugar and added sugar reduction in diets

Sugary Drinks

We aim to reduce all calories from all beverage consumption


Black people are predisposed to hypertension, so we are extra mindful of sodium intake

Processed Meats

Deli meats, hot dogs, sausages and other highly processed meats are severely reduced

Fried Meats

Another cultural tradition, the aim is to reduce fried meats as well as flour and batter

Saturated Fats

Highly debatable topic, the research does not draw causation to heart disease - neutral


Often times, "good" meat is the victim of being lumped in with processed meats. But chicken, beef, turkey and fish are part of our balance meal plan


We aim to support the PCP in deprescribing medications as health metrics improve


Presented as an option to consider in a supervised manner

(not for insulin patients)

Plant Based

Encouraged to add plant based plate/dinner options to food routine


Often a trigger for impluse eating, we discuss importance of better management


Encourage to get adequate amount of sleep


Encourage to hydrate throughout the day


We promote exercise as a medicine, not as a chore


Replace the snack and defeat the urges in advance 


Vegetables in their pure form

Whole Grains

Healthier and more filling then white and refined grains


Learn to love ourselves, take care of ourselves and support each other

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