Telehealth, Mobile First
Chronic Care Management
For Underserved Minority Populations


Unique Challenges Call For Unique Solutions

Hico DashBoard is a telehealth platform that equips health professionals and organizations with the digital tools to treat and care for their underserved populations suffering with chronic diseases, conveniently via mobile delivery.

Hico DashBoard allows non-profit groups, churches, community partners and chronic disease practitioners to drive healthier population outcomes, at lower costs with our clinically driven, evidence-based and culturally sensitive lifestyle change program.

Hico DashBoard is a HIPAA compliant portal that enables real time health monitoring and interventions via patient smartphone app. 

Hico Health's flagship Type 2 Diabetes solution is accompanied by additional learning modules that address Prediabetes, Obesity and Hypertension.

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A different

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Impact more


Dispense health literacy

& nutritional instruction

Tailor behavior change

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Support remotely as needed

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